26 Feb 2013

This is something that I get asked a lot.  Some people have been on the internet for a long time and also want to remove or push the previously posted information with their name on it down and their current interests up.  Let’s try to assess this situation and analyze what a client might do to find you.

How will a client get to your site?

A client will try to pick out keywords that will lead to your site.  Maybe they’re looking for your location.  Your contact information.  They might input your name instead of what you do.  They might input your business name, or just what you do and the location of where you are.  They might also mis spell your information.


Tennille Barber

Tenile Barber

computers Revelstoke

computer wiz

computer whiz

What is Google looking for?

Google loves quality information.  They shy away from websites with a limited number of pages.  As it happens, they also don’t like words in all capitals in the title of your website.  If your information stays stagnant your results will drop.  If your competitor does the same thing you do and updates or adds information more often than you, their results will come first.

How can you use WordPress to your advantage to help Google find you and leverage marketing?

The reason that WordPress works so well is that it allows the owner to update things themselves.  The more posts and quality information that resides on the site, the more possibility that your results will be good.  Wordpress initially started as a blog.  In the last couple years it has really become a lot more robust.  When the owner can input things so easily, there are a lot of strategies for drawing clients.  For example, the home inspections website I just finished.  He has a home inspections business, and he has services, a contact page, etc.  However, a good draw for the clients is information on improving your home, or resources from the government on water management, a home maintenance checklist.  Another client of mine is Powerhouse Customs.  They do custom chassis for snowmobiles.  Their draw is ride reports weekly with information on the surrounding area and the snow.

When the owner puts this kind of effort into their site, they increase the marketability of their company and legitimize their product.  However, it also increases the possibility that your website will contain information that leads a customer to your site who wasn’t expecting to be there.   Another example:  Powerhouse Customs may have a client come to their site who was originally looking for information on Boulder Mountain because of a ride report that was written on the weekend.  Those people probably found the information they were looking for but also found new information on where to fix their sled and about the amazing custom chassis that Powerhouse builds.

Alt tag your images to get picked up on Google


Fill in your alt tags everytime you upload an image to your site.

What is a tagline?

Another important thing is your tagline.

Title of website – Tagline

Example: Revelstoke Computer Wiz- “computer services, database, networks, server administration and troubleshooting, websites in Revelstoke, BC”.

Very important.  It’s what will come up on Google in the list that the client will find.  A description of your business underneath the title of your website.


How do I move my current interests up Google rankings using my name?

It stands to reason that if you want to move your name on something down the rankings, you should take every opportunity to put your name on the things you can residing on your website.  The more times your name is on posts the more possibility you will move the old listings of your name down and your own listings up.  Example: On getradrevelstoke.com I will put my name on every article I write.

Help us help you.

After you start construction of your website, you can expect to wait a couple months for Google to cache and pick up your website and place it in the proper ranking.   These tasks are all to increase your visibility, legitimize your business, create a good reputation and provide good information.  The side effect is a good Google ranking, but it requires your input and effort as a business owner.  Revelstoke Computer Wiz can help you set up to display this information to your clients, and you will take the reigns and represent yourself through good design and your own effective knowledge and information.