06 Sep 2013

Photos: Amy Eburne

Article: Tennille Barber

L to R: Sean, Sam, Stephan, Randy, Sam, Carl, Sven, Foster. Incomappleux expedition. 5/6 days.

3 days of hiking have passed, and yesterday Carl Jacks posted that they had arrived at their put in.  The last update Carl posted was that the river was higher than expected.  Tomorrow calls for thunder showers.  Expected arrival of the crew at the take out is Sunday (I think).  Watching the postings of Carl from a tool called Delorme provided by InReach has been suspenseful for myself, and probably all of our paddling friends.

Hoping to cause awareness about the area and its current challenges with hydro-electric proposals, they plan on coming back with much information about the area and its unique qualities.  I know everyone is watching and waiting for their arrival.

The first 3 maps are of their trek in carrying their boats and gear, the 4th is the put in, and the last is the first stretch of river they did before camping, about 3.5 miles or more of the 55 km journey.  Hoping those boys stay dry but I’m sure that’s a tall order.  Waiting not so patiently for the next update as the last one was almost 24 hours ago.  They are probably paddling like mad to cover some ground.  Can’t wait for the next post from Carl!