03 Dec 2013

Geeking out/article: Tennille Barber

So I was fooling around the other day trying to figure out how I could get access to Gnorm updated  more often without having to mash a bunch of buttons while half awake in the morning.  I just got a Samsung Galaxy S4 and this works really well for me.  The widgets you can use are all kind of general and not really a help at all, especially the weather widget.  Any Revelstokian will know that story.  Unless it comes from Environment Canada it doesn’t really tell the truth and even then sometimes.

Gnorm the Powder Gnome ViewRMR, bless their hearts, uploads the picture of Gnorm, I think every couple minutes but I am not sure.  When they do, they use the same picture name, and the same URL.  It works really slick like that.  SO, all we need to do is find a way to display this picture on our android phone.  Sorry IPhone users… you don’t have widgets.  I looked for you.




Here are the steps to displaying Gnorm on your phone:
1. Download URLImageWidget at this link.

For some reason it isn’t listed in the apps section, and trying to find it was difficult.  It’s like a secret app or something, I found it through a search engine, not through my apps on the phone.

2. When you get it, access the widget area on your phone.  I did this by clicking Apps on my home screen, then Widgets.  It should be in alphabetical order, so scroll to the U’s then pick URLImageWidget in a size 4×2.

3. It wants the link to the image of Gnorm now.  Take this link and paste it into the spot that says URL.


4. The options- caution.  Revelstoke Computer Wiz takes no responsibility for your phone bill if you do this wrong.  No idea if it downloads the image to your phone or whatever.  I’ve been keeping a close eye on my usage lately.  You can set it to update the image every 10 minutes.  There is an option below that to only do it on Wifi unless it is otherwize requested.  I have it set to every 10 minutes automatically and to only update on Wifi.  Once this is all set up, however, you can click on the image and reload it whenever and wherever you want even if you aren’t on Wifi.  Watch the time and date in the upper left corner for confirmation.  It works perfectly on my phone.  I would hate for it to not update and show you a buried gnome one morning, cheating your out of waking up early for a pow day.
There you have it!  Just a little early Christmas present from your local nerd.  Now you can get up in the morning, unlock your screen and keep an eye on Gnorm as he gets buried without mashing buttons!

Thanks to Revelstoke Mountain Resort for the permission to use Gnorm’s likeness on my phone, and all of yours as well.  I did ask 😀