01 Jan 2015
snojet snowmobile

Article and Photos by Tennille Barber

Carl Kuster’s 4800 sq ft shop is a sight to behold in itself.   Aside from the lineup of brand new skidoos, what more could you add to it really?  The collection of snowmobiles hanging from the roof were assembled and installed by Kelly Grant, a good friend and former mechanic of CKMP.  Dwayne and Kelly, a father and son team, run Grant Performance Motorsports Inc, and over the past two decades their passion for snowmobiles has developed into an all year round activity.  They are both involved in snow and ice drag racing and in addition are vintage snowmobile collectors.  Each year they choose 4 different vintage sleds from their collection to share with CKMP and their patrons.

The first sled featured is a 1970 Sno Jet.  One of the 650 70 SS’s built with a 340 Sachs and S shaped tuned pipe.  The dealer of this particular sled installed an optional Arctic Cat cleated track and Cat Ski wideners.  It has a custom one up seat and storage compartment.  It also came with a factory optional metal flake hood and a speedo.