07 Jan 2015
motoski snowmobile

Series and photo by Tennille Barber

This model is a restored Factory Oval and Cross Country race sled as designated by the SM (Super Mod) insignia on the factory decal. It is 1 of 100 made with a Hirth 634cc engine, dual carbs and factory megaphone exhaust. The sled came with a bogie wheel suspension, but slide suspension was also an option.

Moto-Ski was a snowmobile brand. Moto Skis were first manufactured in 1963. The Moto-Ski company of LaPocatière, Québec, Canada was purchased in 1971 by Bombardier, who now owns Skidoo.  The last year of production was 1985.

Compared to the rest of the collection, this model seems the most streamlined and has a very definitive 1970’s design which would have appealed to many at the time of its release.  Moto-Ski is the passion of Grant Performance Motorsports, who owns the 100+ sled collection and changes it up every year for CKMP.

Grant Performance Motorsports can be reached at snopro190@hotmail.com for more information.