15 Oct 2013

Quite a few out to play in the sunshine, spirits high on Thanksgiving Weekend, Troy Leahey in the front

Article and photos by Tennille Barber

Every year for the last three, some of the best crowd in Revelstoke gather at the ball diamonds to celebrate the upcoming ski season and Thanksgiving.  Over the years it’s become clear what you need to succeed in bike polo, or at least walk away with your pride intact.  This year you would have seen a paddle, a bat, hockey sticks, and a set of old golf clubs take to the pavement.  It may be the most random game you’ve ever seen.  There are some hilarious wipeouts, high fives, smiles, good cheer and camaraderie.  This year a horse even showed up, since polo was originally played with horses.  This game doesn’t require a fancy polo hat, just some plaid.  Although bike polo actually is done competitively (see hardcourt bike polo), which I actually didn’t know until I recently (as in 2 minutes ago) punched it into my handy friend Wikipedia.

Jess Leahey making Get Rad’s new tshirts and bike polo look hot

About 30 people came to participate.  After observing and taking note of the setups out there, I’ve made a special list for my readers.  If it seems like some are inside jokes that’s because they are.  I guess you’ll just have to come next year 😀

Get Rad’s Bike Polo Success Suggestion List:

-RECOMMENDED equipment for (amateur) hardcourt (pavement) bike polo: knee/shinny pads, bike gloves, helmet and any of the above mentioned impromptu polo instruments

-apparently a paddle is better than a hockey stick (yeah, you read right)

-in a pinch, a set of cheap golf clubs will do

-a team of hot girls might be enough to distract men from their usual tendency of competitiveness

-don’t count on ANYONE to keep score, everyone is too busy having fun

-dogs and balls usually never mix so most pooches are left at home unless under the height of 15 inches

-horses are much bigger than bikes and cost less to feed, why wasn’t it bike polo first?

-cruisers will do but a mtn bike is definitely an advantage

-hip checks are still possible even on bikes

-never play bike polo with a bike that is too tall for you for obvious reasons

-intentional stick to the spokes is just bad form

Jess awarded game ball to Seb- new in town, red shirt

-being Chilean is apparently an advantage

-stick handling is probably optimistic at best, even with a legit hockey stick

-the best setup you could have is a ski pole with a piece of black plastic plumbers pipe attached to the bottom (these are specialty instruments so far only owned by the originators who of course have it dialed- a wedding present this past year!)

-sun+bikes+polo+spirits+good people=best time of your life

Thanks to the Leaheys for putting this on every year for the last couple.  Sunny day, late night, crappy bike or not it will always be the most randomly sensational time you can have in a parking lot.