18 Oct 2013

Skiers right of the Stoke Chair

Article by Tennille Barber, Snapshots by Troy Leahey

Trail Crew View by Brandon Pollard last year sent Get Rad off with a bang and I’d like to personally thank the man for helping me launch the magazine.  This year will be tough to match.  The only thing I could do is ask Mr. Troy Leahey, Get Rad friend and advisor, summertime trail crew faller, and ski patrol weatherman, what they did this year to entertain the locals.

Immediately apparent is the amount of glading they did.  Last year they seemed to concentrate alot of it in the Ripper and at the bottom of the hill.  This year they turned to the other spots they hadn’t hit in awhile and gave them some good sweet lovin.  I’ll get right down to business.

Beside Hotsauce in those trees everyone loves to hit when the North Bowl is still being bombed, they gladed out about 150 ft all the way down to the cat track.  The great news is that once you get over there you can actually enjoy all that pow because the Ninja Traverse is now 2-3 cat widths wide all the way to the chair.  I asked if they were still going to call it the Ninja Traverse or change it to the Sumo.  He said ninjas are super hot these days so probably not, then told me to look up this song.  Probably gonna listen to that and rip the traverse at some point silently thanking the fallers for the ease on my back.  It might mean the secret of the South Side early laps is out, BUT I think this also means the South Side will be open early season.  Smart move RMR.

SIDETRACK STORY: Opening day, December 22, 2007, it became necessary to get access to the South Side to search but it was taking forever to get a lap in all the way out there, through Devil’s Club which was knarly at the time, then down to the gondola and back up.  Patroller Tomoaki Fujimura flagged a line to be able to traverse back to the Stoke.  Some occasional brush sawing by staff saw it get less awful.  However it was current manager Rob Elliott, working as a faller at the time, who went to town making it less and less of a struggle on his days off, knowing it was important to patrol. Over the years it got better and better as the fallers worked a bit on it through the summers, but this year by Troy’s description it sounds posh.

Skiers right of the Stoke Chair

The top of the Stoke is pretty steep.  It may not seem like it to locals who have been here forever but it may be a bit intimidating to most.  The next piece of news is most exciting for the Adaptive Sports program developing in Revelstoke because it will be more comfortable for them to go to the top.  The Last Spike will now extend , switchbacking all the way out to Hotsauce allowing there to be a green run right from the top.  It has also been “sumo-sized” with nice big bermed corners.

Everything skiers right of the Stoke lift line for around 200ft again, gladed.  All the way down through those cat track crossings, down to the bottom of the chair and Critical Corner.  I get the feeling we’ll be seeing alot more hot doggin from the chair.  There’s another shortcut path extending onto the cat track down from the bottom of the chair as well for green runners.

There’s also been some glading done skiers right from Kill the Banker on the boundary line all the way down to the ski out, as well as some brushing.  A new run below the Day Lodge with added snow making machines will make some more terrain for green run skiers.

For the patroller who hasn’t heard yet or the vollies who are interested, there are new bomb trams!  Where it used to take 5 or so shots from Mania to Sweet Spot, it will now only take 2.  Even quicker times for opening North Bowl.

There were 4 people on chainsaws from July 1st to the second week of September.  Two fallers and two buckers making glades for us to enjoy.  Many thanks to them for all their hard work and to Troy for giving up the killer info.  Much appreciated.