01 Apr 2014
proboard rmr resort

Above:  Greg Ryan on his Proboard at RMR mid sex change (a trick!)

Photo and Article: Tennille Barber

Just in case you missed the best weekend event on Revelstoke Mountain Resort this year, let me recap for you.  Pipes, rails, jumps, hips, Olympians, and bums.  End of story.

Just kidding.  This year Gnar Day did happen to coincide with the Society S-Games creating a winning combo reeking of awesome.  Begbie Brewery had a release of Attila the Honey in the beer gardens with the stage from inside the daylodge moved to the outside creating a wicked atmosphere and some rowdiness not seen in the past 4 years.  Talking to patrol here and there, sounds like they got away with 3 events on one mountain with barely any injury.  There were kids racing this weekend as well.

First up were the rails, complete with a Barbie pinota, two couches, two large pipes, two rails and a tiny box for the groms to slide.  I’m sure that’s only half the features.  Tail tapping the pinota seemed to be a popular choice until someone punched it instead of tapping it, and spilled chocolaty goodness all over the course.  Conditions were a little rainy here and there, sun poking out to lightly grace the course later in the afternoon when the jumps opened up, then closing off again and freezing up a little for some speed.  Made for a slow rail park, and some good airtime.

Watching from the crowd by the tents and beer gardens the ooohs and ahhhs were obvious and broken up by a couple memorable full nudes, one topless with thongs, and many cute bums with tutus… and some not so cute hairy ones complete with beards.  (you know who you are)  Then of course we had the crews of people with onesies on, the typical penguins, dragons, turtles, tigers and the like. (x rated warning: the gallery below has naked photos but none explicit)  It was back flip, big air, butt, boobs, *&!@.  No jokes.

The biggest news has to be a visit from Nicolas Müller, Jake Blauvelt, Terje Håkonsen and Mark McMorris, all here to check out what RMR has to offer.  Mark McMorris competed in the Olympics and won bronze in slopestyle.  Håkonsen is known as the an innovator in the snowboard industry from way back.  They sure got the full meal deal and all Revy has to offer with the snow in the morning, shred the pow, come back down to live music, the best event of the year, and naked people. Yep.  Welcome to Revy.  I’m sure they had a fun time because Håkonsen and McMorris decided to treat the crowd to simultaneous doubles on the hip. If the jaws didn’t drop from the amount of skin that was seen, guaranteed your chin hit the snow when you saw that go down on the Society S-Games classic hip jump.  I’ll never look at that bank on the way to the car the same ever again.

The next day, unbeknownst to me last year but clear this year, was a race on Home Run under the gondy.  Challenge your friend, lay down the dough, get busy or get left in the spray, pay up or take home.  Proboard showdown with Greg Ryan and Mark Baron manning up on the tight corners and flying off jumps.

Thanks to Karl for an event sure to be chatted about for an entire year until the next!