11 Sep 2015
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Recently I was studying some of the social media pages I have in my list and despite hearing speculation about Saturdays or weekends being the best time to post your material or links on Facebook, our little town has a definite trend.  My best guess is that as employment in general is different in BC, being mostly small business run by 30 somethings with no specific schedule, 9-5 makes no difference and neither does the days that we are allowed to play.  It should be noted that the time I have conducted this study is in the off season, however.  I will be taking another look to compare days and genders maybe in January.  Of course, if your target market is not Revelstokians or maybe people who live in BC, don’t waste your time reading the rest of this post.

On many of the pages I administrate, the trend for sports pages is more likely to have higher likes by men than women.  By a small percentage mind you.  Non-profit pages are more likely to be outlandishly dominated in likes by women.  Motorized sports are LARGELY dominated by men, we’re talking 10% interest by women.  Audiences are mostly 18-44 in age.

The times that people are online on Facebook are from 9am to 9pm.  Although, if the page is posting updates on snow, in some cases you can see the time that the fans of that page are beginning to get online around 6am.  The days that people are online right now are evenly distributed and this goes for all the examinations that I’ve done.  As far as I can tell there is no “best day” to post anything.  The amount of people online from Sunday to Saturday is almost exactly the same.  There is the SLIGHTEST difference in that people are just a little less likely to be online actually.

As for the time of day to post things, people seem more consumed by their tasks in the middle of the day.  They’re online alot in the morning then again around 6pm and the biggest attendance online is around 9pm then drops sharply after that.

The conclusions I can draw from this are:  

If you are sports oriented, make an effort to concentrate a percentage of marketing on women.  After all, they account for 86% of buying power in North America.  If her husband wants a new pair of ski boots it’s likely the decision will be run by her at some point.  She won’t just be making decisions for herself.  In families money management usually falls to the female persuasion.

Posting should take place either at 8:30am or at 5:30pm ideally.  Sharing at 9pm even though it is the highest traffic of the day gives the post the least time for exposure.  One note is, I feel like after studying the traffic on Get Rad a bunch, the sharing tends to take place later in the day instead of the morning.  I don’t have anything to support this unfortunately.

Have something urgent to post?  Do your most important posting during weekdays mostly.  People in this area are mostly busy during the weekends, outdoors.  Sunday night gets a little attention but not much.  Most important posts should take place Monday or Wednesday.

Does your product or business have anything to do with snow?  Anything to do with it at all?  Consider doing some kind of update on snow or weather.  Squeezing that extra couple of hours out of the Facebook community around 6am in the morning could be to your advantage.  This goes for retail, bed and breakfast, or of course sports oriented clubs or businesses.  Make a post in the morning about how stoked you are on snowfall, then hurry out the door and getchasum.

Is your target market older people in Revelstoke?  Consider supplementing your social media efforts with posters or running actual ads in the paper version of the newspaper.  The older crowd is only starting to realize the potential of social media here.  That means 40+ might not see your Facebook efforts.  If at all possible, mention to visit your business on Facebook on posters and at events.

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