15 Jul 2016
shuswapp lake gps

**SOLD to Twin Anchors. Now Free full time.**

Wiz Media is proud to present our newest development in lifestyle marketing, the Shuswapp!  Download the Shuswapp app and navigate the Shuswap Lakes- a large area with many different things to do and explore.  It can be hard to find your bearings as a tourist on a houseboat without GPS, and using the paper tourist maps given by the houseboat companies or tourism center is cumbersome with guesswork.

Wiz Media has plotted all areas on the maps from the houseboat companies, plus the trails and waterfalls, as well as the cliff jumping, rope swings, and native hieroglyphs.  There is ample info on parking your houseboat, where to find marinas so you know where to get gas and boat help, as well as ice for those margaritas you’re mixin!

There are pictures for the majority of the areas, but not all, so we’ve installed a marker submission area.  There is also a way to star your favorite spots for visiting later, or to check off all the ones you’ve already visited!  We also like to share your photos so you can tag us on Instagram with @shuswapp, or share a photo to our page at fb.me/shuswapp which will allow us to post your photo straight into the app!  If you’re a business on the Shuswapp, you can complete this process to gain traction for your event or advertise for free.  There’s a help section inside the app to help you with using it.  The great thing about your phone and the maps is that even if you leave a cellphone service area, as long as the maps are active, the GPS locator in your phone will keep the dot moving right on the map to help you navigate right to the marker you are traveling to!  This will make travel on the lake much easier and safer, never having to guess where you are from the paper maps.  There is a water taxi listing in the app as well, and you can rest assured you will never be confused telling a water taxi where you are again with the help of Shuswapp.


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See below for some screenshots of the app! We are so excited to make your vacation easier and more carefree with the use of our maps!


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