15 Feb 2014

 Article: Tennille Barber

Any other year you would have seen snow hauled downtown to main street piled up in front of Skookum and everybody gathered around trying to get a look at what’s happening.  Most of the time I was scared for the children who would manage to get a bit too close and sneak under the rope while their parents weren’t looking, definitely a couple close calls.  This year the rail jam was held at Revelstoke Mountain Resort with plenty of room for everyone to see and much more room for 4 rails and space for the athletes to move around, not having to sneak through the crowd dodging kids to get back to the top, taking the crazy carpet instead.

Everyone gathered in the top parking lot, more of a tailgate party, with a view of all 4 rails.  It was cold.  Really cold.  My only saving grace was a hot chocolate from The Rockford.  The conditions were such that the only modifications to the existing park were the transitions into the rails.  Anything else would have taken about 10 hardworking people with pick axes and about 24 hours.

Karl Jost picked up the mic and gave the athletes 15 minutes to warm up.  Jam format proceeded with about 15 or so male athletes competing and 2 female.  So far the snowskate revolution hasn’t made it to Revelstoke, but Greg Ryan’s Proboard continues to be the only regularly noticeable bindingless product ridden on the hill and in this competition.

Sabrina Gauthier took home 1st place in the women’s category, representing Somewon Collective. Guillome Fortin took home the grand prize of $1000.  Prizes were handed out in the Mac’s party pit.  If you haven’t been there the butter chicken sandwich will blow your mind.  Loving this Spirit Fest event and looking forward to seeing how much bigger the resort can make their park for the event next year, hopefully with a different weather situation.  “I’m just stoked to ride RMR at night time,” I overheard a rider say.  So true, what better way to spend an evening than on the resort with your friends cheering you on from a tailgate?

The winners in the bottom of the Mac!  Sabrina with the first Get Rad tshirt ever won.