04 Jan 2014

 Article and photos by Tennille Barber

Every time I see anyone challenging themselves when they’re disabled I am amazed.  Riding the chair at RMR you’ll usually see someone who just won’t let the fact that they are missing a limb or coping with a spine injury keep them from enjoying what everyone else usually takes for granted: seeing and enjoying the mountains.  There are also the people who want to help make that experience available, taking courses, educating themselves, and volunteering time.  Seeing them together at the mid mountain lodge helping raise money today was incredible.  Their main focus today was to bring the equipment, people, and program to light with the public by making it all available to them to try out, touch, and ask questions about.  Jeff Scott and Landon McGauley made the trip to help the adaptive sports program kick off at RMR this Saturday.

DSC05155 copy

The program now has 4 educated instructors and a number of volunteers from across the border and from a similar program in Whistler that haven’t made it out yet but are involved.  The amazing generosity of other programs helped them gather a decent amount of equipment, advanced and beginner.  One sit-ski was donated from a program in Vancouver as well as some from out east.  Some have two skis, called the bi-unique or mountain man, a wider platform to ski off.  The design with a mono-ski is an advanced piece, a bit more challenging.

Ron Glave, president of the board for the program, would like to give special thanks to all the volunteers who have stepped up to make it happen and shown interest. The resort has been really amazing he said, they have reserved a space for the equipment and provided support.  He is also very happy to have seen donations come in from well wishers.  While he mentions all these involvements from the community, I can see his heart is warmed even tho we are standing in a crisp cold today.

An exciting event they have coming up is a course on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of January to be an instructor in the program.  It’s being put on through the BC Adaptive Association, on the resort.  Look for updates on the program through their facebook page.  

Best of luck!