02 Jan 2014

Press Release
Big News!
The volunteer group behind the much anticipated Revelstoke Adaptive Sports Program is proud to announce that, as of this Saturday, we are officially open for business. Our aim is to make the adventure sports that make Revelstoke special accessible to individuals who experience limitations from physical and cognitive learning disabilities.
To celebrate we’re hosting an official “launch” this Saturday, January 4th, 2014 at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Think of it as an open house where we’ll be available to answer questions, conduct sit-ski demonstrations and allow members of the public to try a run or two on a sit ski (assisted of course!). Look for our tent at the base of the Revelation Gondola in the morning and then at the Mid-Mtn Lodge around lunch time.
Media Contacts: Joe Lammers (250) 814-8200/ Sarah Peterson (250) 814-8888/ inforevelstokeadaptive@gmail.com

More About Us
The Beginning
The newly formed adaptive sports program in Revelstoke started during the warm months of 2012. Simon Wex, Izzy Lynch, Jeff Scott (Live it Love it Foundation), and Joe Lammers came together with the understanding that Revelstoke has so much to offer yet wasn’t quite accessible to everyone.
From this realization these Revelstoke locals took initiative to share their passion for the outdoors with a focus on increasing accessibility and learning opportunities for people with physical and cognitive disabilities.
Word spread quickly. A formal program development Board of Directors formed, funding was secured, instructors were certified, equipment was acquired, and the Revelstoke Adaptive Association became a registered Society.

revelstoke adaptive2
 The Support
There have already been many helping hands along the way. The support from the Revelstoke Rotary and Rotary International has been exceptional and some of our greatest so far. However, we must also recognize, and definitely appreciate the ongoing support from our community of friends, families, businesses, and generous volunteers that continue to light the way for our local adaptive sports programs. It is also very important for us to recognize Revelstoke Mountain Resort for their generosity, cooperation, and ongoing support with our Alpine program. Finally, we would like to thank BC Adaptive Snowsports and the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers. As the Provincial and National bodies of adaptive snowsports, the support of these organizations is integral to the growth of our program here in Revelstoke.

 Our Mission
Revelstoke Adaptive Sports Program is focused on increasing accessibility and learning opportunities in sports for people with physical and cognitive disabilities.
Our Vision
Revelstoke Adaptive Sports Program share our bounty of outdoor adventure sports activities with individuals who experience limitations from physical and cognitive learning disabilities. In the early stages of our programs growth and development we are focused on Alpine & Nordic skiing lessons geared towards introductory experiences. As our program matures, we intend to coach more advanced skill development lessons while exploring additional disciplines and seasons. We’re excited about the prospects of creating adaptive sport events and fundraisers that further support our programs vision and mission. We are also looking forward to developing lasting partnerships with other resort community adaptive sports programs supporting our common aims.