03 Dec 2013
boulder mountain massage studio

Boulder Mountain Massage Studio is a tiny cabin outside of town by Smokey Bear Campground.  Without proper online representation there would be no way anyone would know about it.  It features a simple layout with nicely defined features, a contact page, and of course a google map.  Simple, to the point, and informative to the […]

29 Sep 2013
yoga revelstoke british columbia

Yogis are amazing people.  Every yoga website out there tends to look the same if you ask me.  Allie is a special person and to me, deserved something different!  This look expresses her unique outlook and take on the yoga field.  She just graduated from an esteemed yoga school, and named the business Triputi Yoga.  […]

29 Sep 2013
earth vac revelstoke british columbia

Earth Vac is a company whose product needed to be explained.  I myself had no idea what a vacuum truck was.  The fact is, people needed to be informed on how it is useful.  I am now a believer after seeing all the different uses and its non-invasive way of excavating around utilities, in finished […]

27 Apr 2013
lifestyle marketing british columbia

Flexpeditions is a site Amy Flexman put alot of thought into.  We had weekly meetings and coaching sessions so that she could feel comfortable updating it herself.  The masonry layout is an easy way for the calendar to display to clients and her enthusiasm is obvious throughout the site.  I thought that was important.

25 Feb 2013
wooden bowl makers corin flood

Corin Flood is a wooden bowl maker here in Revelstoke, BC.  Apparently in his field there is a lot of people online blogging about the process and tools.  He uploaded his portfolio with my help and I set him up to blog about his work.  This information brings people to the site to check on […]

24 Feb 2013
construction revelstoke british columbia

Vic Van Isle Group – A collection of companies with full service from equipment rental, to construction, to supplies, and millwork.  This group of companies is actually a collection of 5 websites I did, maintaining a consistent look throughout with a high quality branding strategy.  Group maintains the connection between all the companies.  There is also […]