28 Oct 2016
gcs energy alberta

This company is based out of 3 different offices and covers a wide range of services for the oilfield.  Contracting for every type of service they need to build sites, they needed a visually pleasing way to present their portfolio to the world.  We built them a place for that, their blog for news about […]

10 Sep 2015
community futures revelstoke

Community Futures in Revelstoke has been in business so long there were a couple websites to put together into one so that there was no more confusion as to where to go to get information.  There are so many great things this company offers.  Instagram doesn’t quite fit, but blogging does help the exposure along with Facebook. […]

01 Jun 2014
revelstoke lawyer chris johnston

Chris Johnston Law Corporation has been a long standing client of Wiz Media for more than just websites.  Improvements to the office over the years include a small business solution in the form of network storage shared to all computers, online backups, and ISP troubleshooting.  The website we designed for them is a one page […]

08 Mar 2014
corporate marketing british columbia

Rendek Group had a plain html site with no way to update their own portfolio.  The entire process of reconstructing the site was done over skype in meetings with the receptionist.  The portfolio is quite vast and it presents quite well to visitors.  The breakdown of the portfolio corresponds with the sliding banner on the […]

24 Feb 2013
construction revelstoke british columbia

Vic Van Isle Group – A collection of companies with full service from equipment rental, to construction, to supplies, and millwork.  This group of companies is actually a collection of 5 websites I did, maintaining a consistent look throughout with a high quality branding strategy.  Group maintains the connection between all the companies.  There is also […]