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Triputi Yoga

A beautiful website for a beautiful soul. The website design reflects the peacefulness of the pictures.

Yogis are amazing people.  Every yoga website out there tends to look the same if you ask me.  Allie is a special person and to me, deserved something different!  This look expresses her unique outlook and take on the yoga field.  She just graduated from an esteemed yoga school, and named the business Triputi Yoga.  In a very karmic gesture, she even linked back to me on her homepage.

The posts are displayed on the home page in varying different sizes of boxes.  They’re broken up into categories which brings an amazing amount of color into the design.  The responsive design spreads the boxes into the width of your screen, if the screen is huge, the design is especially breathtaking.  It also looks good on your iPhone.  My favorite is the little icons on the side for the breakdown of posts.  It features a logo Allie is very fond of by Mark Campbell.  Keri Knapp‘s pictures are also featured.