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Revy Riders

A dark design with video and rad photo support, including social media stream

This project involved increasing visibility to the Revy Riders Dirtbike Club in Revelstoke, creating awareness for their events and interest in the new riding area outside of town. The header has 3 sliding 5 second videos with two pictures to break up the load. The videos are aerial to really give a good idea of the layout of the track and staging area. The photos are taken by a professional, Steve Shannon, whose strong suit is dirt biking and skiing.

The dark feel on the website lends itself well to the motohead community, and there are ample maps inserted as well as galleries for browsers to get information.

Instagram is fed to the homepage, where the content can easily be updated. A blog runs through the homepage to keep people updated on events and forms are used to collect signups for the events, lightening the load on admin.

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