carl kuster mountain park

Carl Kuster Mountain Park

A Snowmobile Lodge! We provide social media management, blogging, and site creation for this amazing client.

This client is a special favorite of mine!  Carl Kuster Mountain Park is a snowmobile lodge based around an athlete (Carl) who is widely loved and admired for his abilities.  His family and friends run this facility in partnership with Skidoo and they require website, blog, social media, and content generation.  I have been with this company around 3 years now and they are now starting to generate material in the summer as well, offering dirtbike tours and their facility for elite gatherings to introduce new dirtbikes to Canada.  In the winter they can snowmobile from the lodge to the mountain and are based in Sicamous’s growing terrain.  In the summer they have trails and a new enduro track they’ve built.  Bringing all this to life online requires integration with the company, and I couldn’t be happier to offer this service.

Features for this site include Skidoo’s intro of the new Gen Rev 4 in video on the homepage, a booking form that spits info straight into an excel spreadsheet in Google Drive, and a great blog we use to generate excitement about their events and Carl’s races.  I manage his Instagram and Facebook page with a total of over 16.5K followers at the time of this post.

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social media service revelstoke shuswap lake