25 Oct 2012

People ask all the time lately why I made this site.  I’d like to take a moment and explain to you all why I thought it was a good idea and where it all came from.

I of course, am a webmaster.  I had started a contest to get non-profits a free website.  It wasn’t much of a contest, for some reason, I got very little interest at the time.  Free.  Usually that word makes people come running.   I wasn’t super busy and derby season had just ended.  I wanted to do something good for Revelstoke- this place is where I settled after being essentially a gypsy, moving from town to city, to island, etc.  I had time to burn- rare for me this year and I wasn’t used to sitting around.  2012 has been a highly motivated, fast paced year for me, and September was no different than the other 8 months that had just passed.

Enter my inspiration:

I guess I should explain a bit about the friends I was hanging out with when the idea hit me. 2 summers ago I had the extreme fortune of meeting some of the coolest people I’ve ever met, and not just in Revelstoke, in all my travels.  I’ve always been a bit of a jack of all trades.  I love to try everything and that summer, it was kayaking.  I had the pleasure of learning to roll from Sam Ewing and Geoff

Mister Geoff Stewart being his charming self after a run on the Illy

Stewart, two people I still chum around with today.  I picked up the roll fast, but employing it on the river was a different thing entirely.  So, I spent the summer going out with Geoff and learning from him, Kim Wiggins, and Christian Foster.  All of them were happy to spend time with me, lend me gear, and explain the rules (swim=bootie beer, gear rescue=case of beer to the rescuer).  Kayakers are the most friendly, mellow people you could ever meet- apparently especially from the east, as much of this crew is from a well known rafting company in Ontario.  Every single one has been a joy for me, and that summer was alot of fun, while facing the most challenging and scary sport I’ve ever known.

The dreaded bootie beer at Kootenay River Fest








The rainbow of boats- Geoff Stewart photo credit



I have to say, my favorite thing was packing what seemed to be an extraordinary amount of gear into Kim’s huge truck, and seeing all the different colored boats together creating a rainbow that I knew would be spread out on the rapids of the river we were running in a few short moments.  Figuring out the shuttle, piling all of us into the truck, some on each other’s laps, some in the back… I loved getting to the put in, and watching my friends closely so that I knew the order of the neoprene assembly I had to don.  Good times.  Learning things on a regular basis and being inspired by people is a little of what makes me tick.





Out for a paddle on the Jordan in everyone’s leftover gear- I believe Kim’s truck bumper is to be credited for this photo!

At the end of September, I was over for a dinner party at Kim’s house.  A regular occurrence, she is the heart of the group.  Foster was busy showing Wyatt, Colin, Geoff, and others, on his new macbook what he had made.  Being a geek, I was drawn to the screen.  It was an amazing kayaking video of all his summer’s adventures- it is awesome what you can do with a macbook these days, especially iMovie.  I marveled at the quality of athletes in town, saying there should be something to show this kind of thing off.  Then came the question… Foster doesn’t facebook.  What would he do with the video?  Not sure he said.  He didn’t even have a YouTube account.  The idea was born and the rest of the evening was spent brainstorming.  I got the domain name the next day.  It took me 3 days to build it the way I wanted it, I was so inspired.  Website construction is one of the only ways I have to be creative in a digital world.

Kim showing me how to roll in Williamson

This is an example of the quality of athletes in just one genre.  Most of the time when you say you live here and start talking sports, locals are glad to share stories, plan adventures, and be stoked in general.  Now there is this place, online, that you can do it.  I don’t think that should be limited to just a few.  I think this town harbors many talented, stoked people, and I want them to be able to share that revel-STOKE with the world.  Whether you are a kayaker, an amateur or professional photographer, writer, or videographer, we all share the same passion- Revelstoke!  What a coincidence that the word stoke actually exists inside our town’s name!  How fitting it is that it describes the average (or in this town’s case- above average) person living here!  The community spirit here is overwhelming, and all these talented people deserve a look.  So… let’s see it, you and your adventures.  Show off, get wild (all within the confines of reasonable safety…??)……. Get RAD.