07 Aug 2013

Article and Photos: Tennille Barber When Mark McKee started the Glacier Challenge in 1988, I’m sure he had no idea how much benefit the tournament ultimately would bring to our then smaller and now still not large town.  By now he’s been playing baseball for 50 years.  Playing tournaments out of town almost every weekend […]

22 Jul 2013

Article and Images by Tennille Barber This weekend’s Stoked to Get Spanked on MacPherson was a hot day with 130 participants, 30 volunteers, and Skookum‘s sponsors braving the temps for the race. A different event than the Salty Dog in Salmon Arm, which is an endurance race, this course is home to more of a […]

22 Jun 2013

Above: Someone making Begbie look ever radder than before- great capture Shawn! Article: Tennille Barber  Photos: as noted, Tennille Barber and Shawn Manson-Prolific Imaging   Go Skateboarding Day has been held for about a decade now on June 21st of every year. Around the world, people are encouraged to get out and put on fundraisers, […]

26 May 2013

Photo (on film) : Kim Wiggins  Athlete: Christian Foster Article: Tennille Barber  Photos as noted Wikipedia defines adventure as an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome.  Whoever contributed this is right on the money.  With the added element that you can’t check the weather […]

12 Apr 2013

Above: Greg at the S-Games  Image: Vanessa St-Yves Article: Tennille Barber  Images: Vanessa St-Yves, Seb Grondin, Tennille Barber, and Rob Alford Soul riding is a term I’d thought had applied to a sport itself, however, I think I’ve discovered it may apply more to the person riding than the sport.  Have you ever met someone […]