31 Oct 2013

Above:  The grizzly scene discovered by Troy Leahey after Gnorm was gnome-napped, his little boots left after the culprit tore him from his powder post, red smear from his little hat left on the platform Article: Tennille Barber Photos: assorted from RMR Facebook, Troy and Jess Leahey, and Jesse Cole 27cm tall.  Red hat.  Checkered […]

12 Oct 2013

 Article: Tennille Barber  Photos: Brendan Ginter The thing about kayaking is the people who do it are incredible, and they are so enthusiastic and willing to share their knowledge that it makes you want to attempt boating and get the gear right away.  However, the kayaking here is a little knarly to be jumping into […]

06 Sep 2013

Photos: Amy Eburne Article: Tennille Barber L to R: Sean, Sam, Stephan, Randy, Sam, Carl, Sven, Foster. Incomappleux expedition. 5/6 days. 3 days of hiking have passed, and yesterday Carl Jacks posted that they had arrived at their put in.  The last update Carl posted was that the river was higher than expected.  Tomorrow calls […]

21 Aug 2013

Report by: Carl Jacks, Incomappleux River Expedition Trip Leader, New Denver, BC. Aerial photos by: Chris Armstrong, Nelson Search & Rescue, Aug. 2003. Incomappleux River Kayak Expedition, Sept. 2013. Launching September 3rd, an ambitious team of Revelstoke and area whitewater paddlers will embark on a week-long, self-supported, 55km kayak descent of the Incomappleux River on into Upper […]

16 Aug 2013

Article and Images by Tennille Barber Above: Stoke FM and the antenna on top of the house along with a brand new sign 3 years ago just when everyone had almost given up hope, a new radio station started broadcasting it right back into our lives, brightening everyone’s day and improving our quality of life.  […]