26 Jan 2015
comanche snowmobile

Article and photos by Tennille Barber Sled from Grant Performance Motorsports This original (not restored) sled was the 2nd sled off the Roll-o-Flex factory floor when it opened up in Regina, Saskatchewan.  The Comanche was the factory sporty performance sled.  This all aluminum tunnel and belly pan chassis was equipped with the 23hp ccw 340 […]

10 Mar 2014
freeride world tour

 Article and photos by Tennille Barber Cue the plaza, jumbotron, music, Sierra Nevada, and good cheer.  At least this is what you see on the surface.  Behind the scenes, or the stage, if you will… avalanche professionals began the process of making the Freeride World Tour safely and efficiently take place.  December 18th, 2013 was […]

28 Feb 2014

Questions by Tennille Barber Last year I caught up to Nadine Overwater as she started on the concept for LaNina Sled Camp and was amping up to teach other women how to get full tilt in pow.  Something about her says “I’m casual”, at the same time giving you a vibe that says “Follow me”. […]

20 Feb 2014

Above:  The Hotbox that completes the final step in constructing a custom pair of Bigbend Skis Photos and article: Tennille Barber Handcrafted.  This word describes everything Daryl does or has constructed in the shop.  The machines used in the process of ski construction are completely from scratch, so much that I had to ask what […]

15 Feb 2014

 Article: Tennille Barber Any other year you would have seen snow hauled downtown to main street piled up in front of Skookum and everybody gathered around trying to get a look at what’s happening.  Most of the time I was scared for the children who would manage to get a bit too close and sneak […]

25 Jan 2014

Article: Tennille Barber   Rob Hoff is just one of the many sledders that comes to Revelstoke to shred pow, however the more you chat with him the more you realize, he won’t fit in the box you might put him in with all the rest.  After meeting him I decided it was definitely time […]

05 Jan 2014

Photos and article: Tennille Barber The art picked for the stock topsheets on Bigbend skis employs the talents of a local artist that many may not have heard of but that has secretly been beautifying ads or banners in Revelstoke for a couple years now.  Isaac Becker’s style is inspired by Revelstoke and the outdoors […]