03 Dec 2013

 Pictures and article by Tennille Barber


All month I could see town getting busier, more and more obvious that it was time to start skiing.  Everyone starts to squirrel away their chips and make sure they have time for powder mornings.  The week leading up to opening day the retail stores worked hard to get everything prepared for the day before opening day, Black Friday.  Someone’s genius idea to increase consumerism while at the same time decreasing the amount of money I have to spend on gear.  Stopping in at Skookum, people were busy trying to get the deals and taking advantage of their amazing boot deals and custom fittings.






DSC04876I hit up RMR to see what they had happening at the base and stumbled upon something you don’t see very often.  Bill Eaton at the bottom, smoothing out and creating a base for the bunny hill.  Ops really does a great job thinking ahead these days and today was no different.  The new snow making machine was busy blanketing the bottom of the almost-sea-level ski village on RMR’s Mt. Mackenzie, the longest vertical lift serviced ski descent in North America.  Bill was busy pushing it over and spreading it around.  Dan Biollo, head lift mechanic, was servicing the crazy carpet.

Side note:  I’ve never seen anything funnier than a dog who’s never been on a crazy carpet before try to figure out why it’s moving. ZB didn’t have a clue!



DSC04948 DSC04941

Stoke FM cranked up the volume of opening day the next morning at 7am.  I arrived just as the beginning of the lineup took down their tents and finished cooking up some breakfast.  Smiles all around as the lifties made the maze look more like fun.  No one there ever frowns, I swear it.  What’s to frown about when fat flakes are landing on your face?  It had started dumping the day before.  It didn’t stop until Monday at 4pm, tallying opening weekend up with 63cm of fresh.

DSC04954 DSC04955



DSC05011 DSC05016

1456646_10151716886577260_2064267522_nThe Snowflake Wine Fest was bigger this year.  Outside was a warm tent with a 6 piece band called Back Alley Jazz and lots of food and wine.  Sally Carmichael and her committee of amazing ladies, along with the Revelstoke Ski Club really outdid themselves this year.  Inside the lobby of Sutton Place featured more wine and exhibits of art for silent auction as well as the live auction area where Arleigh’s signature snowflake piece on model Catherine Shewchuk went for $1000.  Custom designed at Garnish.  Beautiful.




Sunday marked the beginning of Stoke FM’s 20 Days of Stoke, probably the easiest and most pleasurable, only requiring the contestants to show up to RMR, go skiing and post a silly picture to Facebook.  There was also pretty amazing smelling pancake breakfast at the base of the gondola on the Idiot’s catering mobile.

DSC05029 DSC05030

Monday was the third day in a row of storm snow.  Another 20cm the hill was looking pretty awesome.  After morning shreddies I headed over to the second day in Stoke FM’s 20 days of stoke.  Skookum‘s back alley was host to the silliest race I’ve ever seen excluding bum darts.  Contestants ran towards two ski boots already in some skinny skis, ripped off their footwear, jumped into the boots, slid towards a fat bike, got on and rode around a pylon back to the beginning.  The funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile has to be someone trying to pedal with skis on their feet.  Glen Cherlet took this round with a time of 45.66 seconds, runner up, Lee Collins 46.27 seconds.



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