07 Dec 2013

Pictures and article by Tennille Barber

Stoke FM‘s 20 Days of Stoke continues even in the face of the chilly weather!  The contestants braved -22 ° C and headed to the top of the Revelation Gondola at Revelstoke Mountain Resort where Revelstoke Snowshoe Company‘s Pete Dixon had the gear waiting for them, and Stoke FM had set up an obstacle course.  Contestants started in the Stoke FM tent, one partner blindfolded, while the other lead them through the course.  Run underneath an obstacle, into a ditch, crawl under an obstacle, up a bank, get into a sled, and have the blindfolded one pull you around a stick to the homestretch!  The whole way the blind was guided by their partner, so this made for some very funny commands.  A clear cold day, these contestants surely earned their points, one competition closer to the grand prize.

2013-12-07 12.29.192013-12-07 12.34.39

Revelstoke Snowshoe Company runs out of the ROC at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and this is his first year.  He usually takes his clients down Bacon and Eggs for a tour at the top of the gondy, but can do custom tours as well as team building exercises.  Another fun way to spend your time in Revelstoke.

2013-12-07 12.40.52The scores!

Tyler and Danny 117.73
Ashley and Bryce 123.06
Nate and Sabina 124.56
Super Dave and Lee 163.28
Victoria and Lindsay 228.98
Sasha and James 234.59
Alison and Pascale 252.56